Utria 2019 equipment

rev. 06.01.2019

Mandatory equipment


Winter combat uniform (with insignia) from country of origin mandatory
Snow camouflage parka/overwhites mandatory
Combat harness/backpack mandatory
Combat boots/rubber boots mandatory
Skis and ski poles mandatory
Rations for 3 days mandatory
Standard automatic/semiautomatic rifle mandatory
1 magazine mandatory
8 live rounds for the rifle mandatory
2 magazine of blank rounds for the rifle mandatory
Pistol mandatory
2 magazines mandatory
12 live rounds for the pistol mandatory
2 sets of ear plugs mandatory
Safety goggles mandatory
Personal first aid kit mandatory
Knife/bayonet mandatory
Wind- and waterproof matches/lighter mandatory
Spare warm underwear mandatory
Compass mandatory
Safety rope, 15 m and 450 kg strength mandatory
2 carabiners mandatory
Winter sleeping bag mandatory
Visibly attached safety reflector mandatory
First aid kit mandatory
4 red flares and flare gun mandatory
4 red glow sticks mandatory
Digital camera mandatory
GPS device mandatory
NB! Team is not allowed to participate if they do not have: weapons and ammo, first aid kit, winter uniform (jacket), flares.
Mobile phones are allowed. It is allowed to use GPS devices, night vision devices and scopes. Radios are provided for the international teams in mandate. Team support may have to participate in certain tasks.